Breakout Demo Touches

I’m following the first lecture of the Breakout Demo with Xcode 8 and iOS 10. I put all the code the same that the instructor did but the touches aren’t getting captured. Is there something we need to with iOS 10 SpriteKit?

I’ve got the same problem. The touches in the Pong demo are all right. Is it because of the new scene?

I don’t know. This course was done with iOS 9 and Xcode 7.

Make certain that you have set the custom class parameter in the scene file (*.sks) to the matching objective c class. For example if you have a scene file named GameScene.sks and two supporting files GameScene.h and GameScene.m you’ll need to tell GameScene.sks to use this class defined by these two files. This will be true for all the scene files (GameStart.sks, GameScene.sks and GameOver.sks).

The custom class field is located by selecting the appropriate scene file and then clicking on the fourth icon in the right hand pane (it looks like an index card).


Well for some reason, it started working in the simulator. Maybe because it was too slow. Thanks for the tip anyways :slight_smile:

It works for me. What a nice reminder. Thank you very much!:grinning:

Can we please pin this answer or this question? I was stuck on this for a week, falling behind in the class and ready to give up… THIS SOLUTION WORKS! I am so grateful :grinning: