Can anyone please review my collision effects assignment please?



I have reviewed your assignment, is there any possible way you could review mine so I can finish the course?

Week 4 Assignment

Hi, Kipp,
It seemed that I could hear the music of your w4 assignment but couldn’t see its video.Would you like to check it?


Hey Jeffrey,

Thanks for letting me know. My video was blank. I have uploaded the correct item now, would you mind reviewing?

Hi, Kipp,
I have just reviewed your assignment-week4.



Thank you so much. Are you continuing on with the next course? If so we may need to touch base for more reviewing moving forward. Let me know how I can help.

He Jeffrey,

Sorry to bother you again, but I am not seeing your review of my week 4 assignment. Can you double check things again to see if you submitted that one?


Hi, Kipp
I couldn’t see all the assignments before today.Because my course was locked.Now I could see them ,but when I open the link of your assignment, it prompt me “load assignment error”, Would you like to check if your assignment is available?