CurrencyRequest does not show under "Pods" in the left pane

I’ve installed cocoapods successfully and linked it to my project (or whatever you call it); opened the project via the workspace file. In the left pane I see the name of the project with a blue icon; and below that “Pods” with a blue icon. When I expand the “Pods” there is no subdirectory called “Pods”, despite what the video says. I’ve looked under the other subdirectories and can find no “CurrencyRequest” within any of them. Is there a step the video or I missed? Very frustrated because I simply want to learn and keep getting hung up on these issues.

So, you typed pod init and that created the workspace and the Podfile, but then did you edit Podfile and then execute pod install? If you haven’t done that part, don’t worry, you can still edit the Podfile to add the dependency and then install the pod.

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pod install is the likely culprit, I agree.
I just used it in a project this week, so it’s still working.