Feedback on teaching style

I appreciate your teaching and would like to offer some constructive feedback on your method.

When we are learning both syntax and methodology, it’s very confusing–at least to me–to have only examples that are written as a computer scientist might write them. For example, “addSomeParameters”: is this a built-in-method? Are we adding anything of import? What is this doing? If we can’t understand why it’s doing what it’s doing, then it’s very difficult to practice it. This is why a lot of courses use things like shopping lists or grade books for practical examples; because when we try to deconstruct and reconstruct the theory, we can attach what is a physical, real thing to its counterpart in our head; and what is a theoretical construct which we’re trying to learn to its theoretical anchor.

While learning about such etherial topics as stack memory, heap memory, pointers, passing messages, etc., in the future, please attach things to real-world examples so that we can see how and why we would implement said concepts.

Why create stack variables? Why create pointers to heap memory? Why allocate memory? What in the heck are these functions doing? Very confusing.