Help: Week 4 Assignment Review Request


I’d really appreciate if someone could help review my week 4 assignment:

I submitted this on Oct 7 and it’s still not complete.
I’ve reviewed 4 other peers.

Thank you in advance,


I think I just reviewed your Week 4 assignment. Any chance you would look over my Week 1 assignment? I got a late start and did a lot of work last week, but no one has reviewed my first assignment.

Thank you.


Hi, Kipp,
Thanks your review and I have reviewed your Week 1 assignment.



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Hi, all,
Kipp had reviewed my assignment week 4, but it seemed that it is still not completed and may need more reviews. Could other one review my assignment 4 again? the link is:

Thanks in advance!



I am in the same situation. Can anyone review my week 4 assignment as well? Let me know if I can return the favor for you.–kXz6g

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