Is this course dead?

I have been doing the course by just googling workarounds for Xcode 13 to do some of the tasks we are asked to do but in looking through this forum…is the specialization dead and no one is reviewing other’s submissions for these courses anymore?

Need to know so I can stop paying the $35 a month and find something else if need be.


Well, sort of. Not very many people are taking it (about 30 a month start it) so the peer review is very slow. And Coursera/UCI aren’t willing to pay me to bring it up to date, so it is what it is.

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Thank you - I actually do like the course so far but will this get harder to translate what the videos are instructing us to do to Xcode 13.2? Not just in this course but throughout the specialization?

By the way - you make this very easy to understand and I love the content so far. I’ve taken two other Coursera specializations and this is by far one of the better courses in terms of how you are teaching the material and then giving the hands on experience that uses what you are teach to do something that has real world application.

Also, thank you for still being active in this forum. I really appreciate it!!

It should probably be about the same. The only warning I would give is that the Swift module was not done by me. It was outsourced because I was taking too long to make it originally… which is also why the content is good… oh well…

@djp3 - thank you. I still have not had anyone grade my first assignment in the course so I am looking into other options. Also, objective C was replaced by Swift which seems to be a bit more “user friendly”.

As a side note/question - what is playground? That seems to be another popular Xcode feature that some of the other courses jump right into. It doesn’t seem like it is directly connected to the simulator though.


Swift is more like python or java script, yet. the playground is just an interactive coding environment.

How about the last course, the transreality capstone project? Is that course still supported? But the thing is right without people reviewing my submission so far in course 1, I can’t even finish this course and possibly course 2 - 5 which are requirements for the final capstone project.

Can you put your review link here and I can see if I can review it.

Thanks Prof!





So I reviewed #1. Could you see that? D

Ummm no unfortunately, what i did was go to the My submission section and clicked on shareable link, which changed the url of my coursera page, and copy and pasted here, am I doing it correctly?

BTW thanks prof

It is just extremely unfortunate because I think this course and specialization would be amazing to actually do and complete. The “thing” I am in now, The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp by Angela Yu, is highly rated but it sucks for people like me who need this type of structure and the quizzes/projects to make sure I am actually learning the material. I would pay 5 times the price for this course and specialization if it had students who were actively taking it and was updated to reflect the current version of Swift.

@djp3 - if you offered an updated version of the specialization, graded the assignments, and maybe hosted it as your own on Coursera or another platform, I would gladly pay upwards of $200 for the whole thing. There just isn’t a good alternative that I have found.


I hear you. Coursera and UCI are not interested in having me update the course. Originally Coursera contracted UCI for the course and then UCI contracted me to develop it. That worked out okay, but there was resistance from the beginning to course maintenance. I’m not sure if there is a way to provide that feedback to Coursera, but it would great if you did.

The links were good. I reviewed just the first one to see if I could get the Coursera software to approve it. I was wondering if you could see any change in the review status of the first one as a result of my review?

Yes i initially picked this specialization, as the syllabus seems more diverse than the iOS specialization offered by UofT, especially the transreality capstone at the end.

No nothing updated on my end

Hey Markus if you are still down to finish the course wanna exchange contact info, and we can just grade each other’s assignments