Is this course still worth it in 2020?

I’m very interested on learning iOS programming and I’m just fascinated with the way Mr. Patterson explains stuff. But I often see myself trying to understand how things explained on the course can be used nowadays. Things like SLServiceType being discontinued or the class “OAuth 2.0” showing a page on Instagram that doesn’t exist anymore (probably since it was bought by Facebook)… I’m just not sure if it makes sense to keep trying to adapt to every single step. Is anyone still here to tell me if I am wasting time on it?

Obs.: this is clearly not a critic to the teacher’s methodology, I’d love to have an updated course by himself.

We had a good conversation about this on twitter. My $0.02… the swift course is not worth it. Many of the other topics are aging but still good. You’ll probably be a little frustrated because a lot of the XCode skinning has changed even if the underlying tech is generally the same. I don’t have the freedom to update the content, so if that’s interesting to you, ping Coursera to ask them to have me update it.

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Indeed we did, I wasn’t even expecting an answer here haha thank you once again for your time! :slight_smile:

I’m slow but I eventually get to it. :slight_smile:

Where do I report the videos where you say “Pause”?

Send me a DM on this site. I’m collecting them and if UCI/Coursera gives me the go ahead, I’ll refresh the videos. RIght now, they just want everything to be the same as it has been.