It seems that description of the peer assignment#3 task is incorrect

  1. Foundations of Objective-C App Development
  2. Week 3, Peer Review Assignment #3
  3. If you go through the description of the task you will see that its required to do this:
    “Your application should include a UITextField, for the user to put the initial measurement into. It should be paired with a UILabel clarifying which units the input is in.
    Below this should be a UISegmentedControl with 3 segments. Each segment should have a different currency unit that the user can convert their single input to.
    Below the multi-segment controller should be a button.
    When the button is clicked the interface should evaluate which segment is selected and convert the input to the appropriate unit.
  4. But when you read the peer review assignment criteria you will see the following:
    Does the video show that 3 new currency units have been added to the UI? (1 point)“
    Does the video show the user pressing the button to calculate the conversion to all three currency units at once? (3 point)”.
    So the task is to implement UISegmentedControl and to show one result depending on selection or the task is to show conversion of all three units at once after the button clicked? It seems that the part of the tasked pasted from the previous week and haven’t edited appropriately. Please advise. BR

Can anyone help? Anybody did the assignment #3? Did you add UISegmentControl to the interface or just did with 3 UILabels as it was showed in the peer review 03 video?

I noticed this as well, and I am doing it with 3 labels instead of the segmented controller.

I think the description is wrong due to copy and paste from previous assignment of unit converter. So I just use the same UI as the lecturer does. @djp3 can make the professor see this post?

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