My Xcode version is 9.2

Hello Sir.
thanks for your teaching , i love programming so much !
here is my question !
your teaching video is showing Xcode version 7, but my Xcode version is 9.2
some is different ! how can i do that ?
do you have any ideas or any tutorial books for my studying and practice ?
thanks a lot !
from your student
Simon Chow

Note that the video was created in 2015. As of May, 2018, Xcode is up to version 9.3, so yes, you are correct, the appearance of Xcode has changed a little.

Similarly, the current version of iOS is 11.3, whereas in 2015 it was 9.

The major difference (to my eye) is that working with constraints is a little different (easier) now. You don’t have to uncheck anything to switch to a constraint-based layout.

The code that moves over when I attempt to perform the assignment is not the same as the example. How am I supposed to know what the correct syntax is? All I get are a bunch of errors and I have run out of time.