Need my Week 2 Assignment Reviewed!

Hey Guys could you please review my Week 2 Assignment. I turned it on time but it seems like no one has reviewed it yet and I really would like to know how well I did as well as receive my grade on it for the previous week. Thank you in advance to anyone who is able to do this for me.
Here’s the link:

Thanks Again!

I just completed it so you should see the grade for each here soon. Great work on the currency app I like that you added the symbols that was awesome! Thank you in advance for taking the time out to grade my work as well. I know sometimes the process of grading can be cumbersome but it’s limited to how many people are actually participating in the course. If you need any help with the next assignment for grading let me know and I will do it for you as well.
Here is the link for my week 3 assignment:

Thank you! I just reviewed your Assignment 3!

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Thanks so much! Like I said if you need help with grading on next week’s assignment let me know and I will definitely help you out.

Jessy, can you review my Assignment 4? Thank you! I actually reviewed your Assignment 4 already on the site. I think you still passed, the code looked good to me not quite sure what was missing besides maybe the Distance Getter Cocoa Pod I can take a closer look later.

William I did have the distance getter pod installed but still ran into trouble. I will grade your assignment for you.