Not able to set up project

Adavaityas-MacBook-Air:CurrencyConverter Shivam$ pod install
Analyzing dependencies
[!] Unable to find a specification for CurrencyRequest (~> 0.1)
Adavaityas-MacBook-Air:CurrencyConverter Shivam$

So, it would help if you could put in a little more effort than just cutting and pasting output into a discussion thread. Perhaps you could show me the contents of your pod file.


First of all like @djp3 said, please put in a little effort into asking a question rather than just copy-pasting a console output. That being said I ran into this same issue and found this question but didn’t have an answer associated with it. It took me few hours to find the answer (because I was waiting for a particular download to finish :rage:). So this is for anyone else who is facing the same issue.

The main issue (from what I can tell) [Issue-1]

  • cocoapods can’t find ‘CurrencyRequest’ in it’s repo (index)

Side issue [Issue-2]:

  • Cocoapods doesn’t install correctly on macOS 10.11+ (El Capitan, Sierra…) due to system integrity protection

Solution :
Lets fix the [Issue-2] first.

  1. Open terminal and type: sudo gem install -n /usr/local/bin cocoapods

Now to fix the [Issue-1]
You need to do pod setup in order to update the cocoapods repo for us to get ‘CurrencyRequest’ pod from it. But doing this step takes ages (I waited around more than an hour for it to download and only downloaded ~350mb on a decent internet connection)

so do the following :
pod setup
Ctrl +C
pod repo remove master
cd ~/.cocoapods/repos
git clone --depth 1 master

This will download in a matter of mins ( < 5 mins)

from here you should be able to follow along like in the lecture
pod init
edit pod file to include : pod 'CurrencyRequest', '~> 0.1'
pod install

References :

hope this will be helpful to someone.

Hi Hdsenevi,

Thanks for the information. As I’m not a programmer this course really is tough for me. This kind of issues really take a lot of time. So it’s really very helpful you added this information.

Greetings from Bas

Thank you SO much for this! I’m a veteran Windows user, so Mac is foreign to me. I so appreciate the step by step tutorial for this problem, and you were able to help me get it working. Thank you SO much!