PeerReview 03 Assignment - Ambiguous Description

I am sorry but I found the description of the task under PeerReview 03 to be a little ambiguous.

In the description the assignment wants us to have UISegmentedControl as stated below.

“Below this should be a UISegmentedControl with 3 segments. Each segment should have a different currency unit that the user can convert their single input to.”

So this means that if I select GBP from the SegmentedControl it should only show me value after conversion into GBP.

Whereas in the part of the description where marking is explained it says the app should show all three conversions at once.

“Does the video show the user pressing the button to calculate the conversion to all three currency units at once? (3 point)”

I am confused as to which approach are we supposed to follow?

take a look at this post…

Personally, I used the UISegmentedControl with 3 segments

Thank you DanLand. I guess I will also use UISegmentedControl with 3 segments then. I hope my marks don’t get deducted for doing so. I was hoping to hear some clarification from the instructors.