Question On Peer Review 3 Rubric

I saw in an earlier post that there was a little bit of confusion on the rubric for peer review 3. I’m working on this project now and was wondering if our project should have a segment controller that converts one currency at a time similar to the way we calculated measurements in project 2 like the top part of the rubric says:

"Below this should be a UISegmentedControl with 3 segments. Each segment should have a different currency unit that the user can convert their single input to.

Below the multi-segment controller should be a button.

When the button is clicked the interface should evaluate which segment is selected and convert the input to the appropriate unit."

Or if our project should be just like the video with the exception that three different currencies should be used besides those demonstrated in the video and all three convert at once when the convert button is clicked like it says in the points part of the rubric:

“Does the video show the user pressing the button to calculate the conversion to all three currency units at once? (3 point)”

Thanks for the help.

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I have the same confusion, can someone please clarify the assignment requirements, if there needs to be a segment controller to calculate conversion based on the segment clicked or there should just be a button to convert at once? Thanks!

I agree that we could have clarified this better. What we had in mind was a design like this that flows from top to bottom. (I can also think of better designs at this point).

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I had the same question last night. I followed along with the video and made a working currency conversion app which converted dollars to four chosen currencies. I was going to spend some time playing with the interface before I submitted it, but when I read the assignment text again, I realized that the instructions were inconsistent with the grading rubric. The instructions describe something like the professor’s drawing, while the rubric’s scoring criteria describe something like the sample app from the video.

I have a hybrid design in mind that I’m going to experiment with, but it would help students in future sessions if the instructions and grading criteria were consistent.




I agree, it’s a little confusing as one part of the rubic (Segment controller) conflicts with the other (calculate all 3 at once).

As the labels one, meets the points scoring point - “Does the video show the user pressing the button to calculate the conversion to all three currency units at once? (3 point)” in contrast to the UISegment one; I have gone with that option, I hope I am right.

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I was about to make a new post with this same question, as the assignment specification is ambiguous. I am making the layout as described in your post here, with a singular output label and a currency selection segmented control, but the rubric still says:

Here is what you will be reviewing others on and what others will be reviewing you on:

Does the video show the user pressing the button to calculate the conversion to all three currency units at once? (3 point)

My first version of the assignment did do it all at once, as I followed along with the video introduction, but now that I have changed my interface to use the segmented controller, it seems the rubric should be more in line with what was assessed in the unit converter - that the user should click “Convert” each time they want to change currency. Could the rubric be updated, please?

Three months later the ambiguity still remains. I’m doing this project and don’t know how I should proceed.
If I implement as described by the professor’s post how will my peers review my work when my application doesn’t calculate all three currencies at once?
Please correct either the assignment description or the evaluation parameters.

I know that this issue has been addressed in the past by looking at this and

However, it seems that there hasn’t been any update to the assignment description yet, because I still don’t know if the app should calculate all 3 different currency simultaneously or only one currency per selection.

This might not seem to be a big deal, but I think an update to the description could really upgrade the quality of the course.