Substitute for gvim? Assigment #3

I cannot install the currency pod as my command line does not recognize the command “gvim”. I substituted for “vim” but only “Pods” was install not the specific file we need to create the app. Some one please advice?

You can use any text editor. If you don’t know “vi” the common language ancestor to vim and gvim it would be very difficult to use it to edit the file.

vi, vim, gvim, MacVim are all text editors.

Hi Professor,

I met the same problem when doing assignment #3. I think it is better to add some instruction in the video, mentioning that 1) vim is a substitute for gvim, and 2) press Esc, type :wq! to save and quit. I spent some time to search online and figured this out.

For future classmates, if you have the same question, you are searching and find this discussion, here is a link that may be helpful to you:



I just used TextEdit and that worked fine for me.

Hi. I tried TextEdit and it says not found.

-bash: TextEdit: command not found

I replied to your other post…

Thank you for this I have been stuck for almost an hour trying to understand why the gvim command would not work in the terminal. However, when I did as in

structed with the text editor and went back to the terminal to pod install I got an error and it wouldn’t execute the command. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Okay so the real issue here is what is being typed the code must be written as follows:
pod ‘CurrencyRequest’ , ‘~> 0.1’

The code that was given was:
pod ‘CurrencyRquest’ , ‘-> 0.1’

when I changed it to the ~ instead of - and ran the pod install in the terminal it began to download the pods without failure. So this isn’t necessary a gvim vim issue.

Here’s a gitHub complaint specifically about this assignment and the moderator corrected the issue, see the comments section on the bottom page.

Hi All, I can recommend a substitute for gvim/vim that I believe comes pre installed on Mac OSX … its called nano.

Launch from the terminal with

nano filename

The command keys are shown on the bottom line but basically its Control-X to exit at which point if there’s changes you’ll be prompted whether to save them Y/N.

Its also available by default on most Linux distributions. Easier imho than vim.

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Pico worked for me :slight_smile: