Week 1 - iOS simulator does not have Twitter installed

My simulator does not have Twitter installed and there is no App Store to allow me to install the application. I’ve googled for awhile and for the most part it seems like Apple restricted this ability in later versions of iOS, but I’m surprised I’m not seeing anyone else having this problem for this course. I’m a little lost. Anyone know a way around this? My mac is running iOS version 10.13.3. My simulator device looks like it’s running iOS 11.1.

I’ve figured this out myself. If you’re running the newest version of iOS on your simulator (at the time of writing this 11.1) and above, then you won’t have the Twitter login option shown in your Settings in your simulator. To get around this you’ll need to download a version below 11.0. I downloaded a 10.3 simulator (go to the Downloads pane in your Xcode preference). It was about 2GB… a pretty hefty download. Afterwards load this new simulator under Hardware -> Device and check your settings in the new simulator. You should see the twitter login option.

Thank you for catching this. I was prepared to jump through a bunch of Twitter Kit/CocoaPod hoops but this is much easier.

I also first stumbled upon the Twitter Kit solution, and I cringed. This was an annoying roadblock for me, so I’m glad I could help.

Hi Darren, I did what you outlined above and it works. However, even though I downloaded the 10.3 simulator, each time when I run the codes from Xcode, it still brings up the simulator with the latest iOS version (i.e. no twitter login option). Did you encounter the same? Thanks

Hmm this is disappointing. I intend to jump through the hoops as I want to be able to create this functionality properly on live apps. We are now on IOS 12 and I really don’t see the point of learning this obsolete methodology. Twitter have beefed up their developer programme and its necessary to register an app as a dev which is fine. Ive installed Twitter kit manually by just dropping the files into the project directory and have to wait now to be approved. I suppose dev access is under more scrutiny since Cambridge Analytica :frowning: