Week 4 - Core Data - lots of missing code

Hi guys,

I am using XCode 9 and when I create a Core Data project there are lots of missing pieces comparing to what we are shown in the tutorial videos…

Should we type them manually to match the video tutorial or what are we supposed to do here?

The code from here helped a lot -> http://discourse.djp3.net/t/core-data-assignment-with-xcode-8-2/999

but now I get a link error(more info in the link above)…

ld: 6 duplicate symbols for architecture x86_64
clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)

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I found the solution to the link error, works like a charm -> https://stackoverflow.com/questions/40460307/duplicate-symbol-error-when-adding-nsmanagedobject-subclass-duplicate-link

You should delete all these entities, change “Codegen” settings to “Manual/None” for them in Data Model Inspector, and generate entities again.

Hope it helps someone,

Dude I love you!!! I got exactly the same situation as you and I struggled for two nights but didn’t get the solution. The hyperlink you shared perfectly tackle my problem! Thank you so much!!

(p.s. I didn’t have an account on this forum and I just created an account solely to thank you for your great help! Happy new year and wish you all the best in the future!)

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You are welcome!

I’m glad it helped someone.

Happy New Year to you as well and all the best!