Welcome to the Patterson DisCourse

Welcome to the Patterson online course discussion forum!

  • Who is this site for? This site is for students that have questions or need to research issues in courses that have been produced by Prof. Patterson and colleagues
  • What can you expect here? Here you can get input from other students who have taken or are taking the same classes and from the course instructors. Since online classes have so many people, having peers available to help is the only way to scale. This is a positive encouraging forum. We appreciate people who help and who are trying to improve themselves and their skills as best they can. Be awesome to each other.
  • What should you do here? You should use this site to answer questions and help other student debug problems with a course or with a technology in the course.
  • What other help is there? For further information, try visiting the help section of whatever company or organization is hosting the online course. This site has a FAQ, and Professor Patterson has a professional website at http://www.djp3.net
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