Xcode crashes when trying to open GameScene.sks file

My Xcode crashes immediately I try to open GameScene.sks file - I am using Xcode version 7.3 , I tried searching in the internet and looks like many are facing the problem but no plausible solution to be found. Any help is appreciated, Thanks!

Hello Professor,
Any insights into this issue ? Thanks!

Is there an answer for this? I’m also seeing crashes when I try to set the texture to the image file. Crashes in both XCode 7 and XCode 9.

I had this same issue and spent super long trying to fix it! I think the only solution is to upgrade your version of Xcode. What I did is I upgraded to version 9, but that was very slow on my device (but sks files opened). I downgraded to version 7 (but sks files would NOT open).

Right now I am using version 8.3.3 and I am very happy with it.

Here is where I downloaded it from: