Xcode very slow

Hello, I have a problem with my Xcode. After a while, when I am using it, it gets so slow, that I am not able to drag and drop a Button for example. I have to save, close and restart the program again. Normally ist starts after I have opened the simulator. Sometimes the simulator runs for a long with a black screen.

Maybe someone can help me with the problem? What am I doing wrong? (I try to stick to the course content)

Thank you very much


It’s really hard to know - have you checked for updates, etc.? If it happens after a while maybe you are very low on RAM memory - when that runs out you can start ‘thrashing’ swapping in and out of memory. Launch ‘Activity Monitor’ before starting xcode and then watch how resource usage changes - or see if there is something else consuming all your resources. If that fails try a full virus scan?